Writer & Editor

A seasoned researcher-writer and  proof reader, new 2018 profile picturewith experience in creating content for factual television programming as well as print and online material, I excel at finding, editing and presenting good quality information, whatever the subject matter.

I have a degree in Journalism and Media Studies, which helped me to forge a successful career as a current affairs, archival and documentary researcher and assistant producer in both South Africa and the UK.  Although my career is currently more focused on publishing and academic proofreading, I do still enjoy taking on TV or documentary research projects. In recent years, I have worked mainly on human interest, historical and educational programmes produced for the Japanese market.

Since moving to the UK in 2001, I have developed a successful writing and proofreading practice. I have experience in producing a wide range of written content, from social media blogs and posts, to news articles and promotional material, right through to ebooks and non-fiction books. I also proofread academic these, textbooks and manuscripts for the print and publishing industry. My clients comes from all over the English-speaking world, including Australia, America, Asia, Africa, the Netherlands and Sweden.

In addition to my good general knowledge (helped by my background in research), I am extremely versatile with regards to style but also have specialist experience in the health and wellness industries, and technical writing, having worked in the engineering and construction industries, as well as the Royal College of General Practitioners and a dental PR company.

More recently, I have worked with a business coach and several charities, including the Urania Trust and The Aspinall Foundation, to write and publish a number of non-fiction books. Currently, I am in the process of preparing my own book for publication. Check my news page regularly for updates.

You can also see a more detailed CV by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

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