The New Astrology of Towns & Cities – EPUB version now available

TNATC FRONT COVERFollowing the publication of the second printed edition of Harold Wiggleworth’s classic reference book, I am proud to announce that a full colour digital version is now available for iPad (iBooks), Nook and Adobe Digital Editions.

The EPUB edition comes complete with handy cross references via hyperlink for an optimised navigation experience, as well as full colour photos and chart drawings of some of England’s most well known places.

At the back is an extensive notes section, organised in alphabetical order for ease of navigation, plus a full list of references as endnotes.

See a preview of the eBook.

A Kindle version is in the pipeline. Check back here for future updates on release information.

Please note: Those who have upgraded to the new IOS 7 operating system for iPad may experience a few problems with headings and slowness in iBooks. This is not due to problems with the EPUB file itself, but rather a few teething issues with the upgraded IOS/iBooks software. Switching to landscape view should rectify any heading issues.

Available from:
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


For details see:

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