“They Picked on the Wrong City.” A look at Liverpool’s astrological chart.

After Monday’s inquest verdict, which cleared the names of the 96 football fans unlawfully killed during a match at the Hillsborough Football Stadium in Sheffield, a vigil was held in Liverpool, headed by the Mayor, Joe Anderson.

Amidst the many banners and flags carried by crowd members was one that caught the eye of a campaign speaker. It read:“They picked on the wrong city.” This sign echoed the slogan used by locals after the Boston bombings, and it may be no coincidence that both cities have a high population of people decended from Irish immigrants.

That aside, it led me to wonder whether there is something in the character of the population of Liverpool that made this message resonate so strongly with its citizens. And as an astrologer, what better way to consider this than by looking at the astrological chart for the city of Liverpool, which has been created based on Harold Wigglesworth’s research.

Below is the chart for Liverpool which appears in The New Astrology of Towns & Cities.

Liverpool City chart

It has a Cancer Ascendant and Jupiter in the first house – quite an ebullient placing, especially given that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. This zodiac sign is the ultimate symbol of family and the protective maternal instinct, which as we know, will not stand for bullying or anyone trying to harm loved ones. We know that it was mainly the mothers and female members of the families affected by the Hillsborough Disaster who led the campaign for justice for their dead relatives, so Cancer rising here seems to reflect this.

Aside from being very jolly, tolerant and good-natured, Jupiter is also the planet most associated with faith, belief and a sense of moral fortitude, so to have it in the first house suggests a people who have a strong sense of right and wrong and are confident about standing up for their beliefs.Furthermore, Jupiter is square to the Moon in Libra – another sign associated with justice, equality and the law – which is definitely suggestive of a people who will react very strongly to any form of injustice or unfairness.  Truth and Justice for the 96 was one of the mottos of the Hillsborough Campaigners, and this certainly resonates with the  zodiacal position of the moon in this chart.The fact that the Moon is in the fifth house of children and sports may also be significant in this particular situation – this was a tragedy that took place at a sporting event and mostly affected mothers who lost their children, and children who lost their parents on this day, so the emotional drive to want justice for them is no doubt a strong component of what kept campaigners going.

Although a Cancer Ascendant doesn’t look tough on the face of it, one needs to remember that the Descendant often reflects how others will experience the native of a particular horoscope, and here we have determined, tough and stalwart Capricorn – a sign that doesn’t let go easily and will work tirelessly to achieve its goals – 27 years is certainly a long time to fight for justice and shows a distinctly steely Capricorn spirit. It is also nearly one whole Saturn cycle (29 years) – and Saturn rules Capricorn; another interesting parallel here.

However, what really strikes me is the rather formidable Mars in Scorpio in the 5th house. This planetary placement suggests a high degree of focus and a strong motivation to avenge enemies and overcome obstacles. This is certainly not a touchy-feely position for Mars, it is rather suggestive of a people who you don’t want to make an enemy of – they won’t forget, they won’t back down and they certainly won’t give up in their search for absolute vindication.

In this chart, Mars rules the 11th house of groups – and I think this is where the strength of this particular campaign  (and city) lies – collective action. It is Mars in Scorpio who will collectively rise up and fight injustice. This is a people who won’t back down to bullies, and who come together, much like an army, to defend themselves against a common enemy. And here, I think, lies the nub of why that particular slogan caught on and came to epitomise the struggle of the families of those 96 Liverpool football fans who were so tragically killed that fateful day in April 1989 at Hillsborough, Sheffield.




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  1. Hi there… I kind of stumbled on your website while following a train of thought, but that train collided with another interest when I found this posting. (I recently found myself nerding out investigating the background to the Hillsborough event, and drafted a little piece coming at it from a different angle (the event, the Liverpool FC itself).)

    I don’t have the book you’ve produced, but I’m curious about the rationale for a midnight chart. That seems to accord with a modern notion whereby a particular law would take effect, or legal entity come into being, at midnight. Not saying it’s wrong, just curious about the background…


    • Hi Josh, thanks for your comments. Yes, I think this was indeed the rationale behind Harold Wiggleworth’s use of midnight for charts associated with corporate bodies of places. The book is called ‘The New Astrology of Towns & Cities’ (see: http://www.uraniatrust.org/distributed/the-new-astrology-of-towns-and-cities.html for more info) and is a revised edition of the old classic compiled by Harold Wigglesworth for the corporations of various towns & cities in England. As corporate bodies, like laws, usually come into effect from midnight on the day of their incorporation, he decided to use midnight on all his charts, and I followed in the spirit of this tradition.

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