A powerful earthquake, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, took place yesterday at 11:22pm near Sendai in Japan, close to the centre of the large earthquake which occurred on the 1th of March.

Fortunately this time, there was no subsequent tsunami and fewer casualties or damage to buildings. However, it does suggest that the warning by geologists that another powerful event is likely to occur offshore in the region of Tokyo could well be more likely to happen in the near future.
Strangely, this earthquake took place just as the Moon entered Gemini, which is rather uncanny, as this mirrors events nearly a month earlier. In the first event, the Moon was at 0 degrees Gemini and this time, it was at 1.5 degrees Gemini, so very close. Coincidence or synchronicity?
I am not sure exactly what one can make of this from an astrology point of view – Gemini is an air sign and not really one traditionally associated with the symbolism of earthquakes or natural disasters. Perhaps one could say that, having just traversed the final degree of earth-sign Taurus prior to its Gemini ingress, it may have amplified Taurean energy? Or perhaps, looking at this from a slightly different perspective and say that magnetically or gravitationally, there is something about planetary bodies moving over that particular part of space that tends to upset the tectonic balance of that particular part of the world (though, of course, scientists would have none of this!) I suppose the only way to tell would be to see whether any further events take place when other planets cross that degree. The Sun is due to be at this position on the 21st of May, followed by Mercury on the 2nd/3rd of June. Let’s wait and see…
What I can’t help remarking on is the fact that the lunar nodes (in late Sagittarius and Gemini) were straddling the Ascendant-Descendant axis with Pluto in the vicinity, as they were during the Chile quake – again, is there anything in this or not?
The ruler of the chart, Jupiter, happened to be in a huddle with several other powerful planets (including the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus, all in Aries), near to the IC, so in cosmological terms, deep underground – perhaps indicative of rumblings and grumblings below the surface?
Pluto, ruler of the underworld, was also making a square to Mars, ruler of Aries, between the first and 3rd houses – a very volatile combination often associated with violence, tyranny and accidents – which is a very apt aspect for such an event.
The Sun was also opposing Saturn, positioned near the midheaven position from below ground – a very strange configuration in a way. The Sun is clearly at its weakest power when at the midnight (as opposed to midheaven) position whilst Saturn, one of the so called malific planets, is very strong, being in Libra – the sign of its exaltation, and in the 10th house – the house it traditionally rules, so also is also a strong omen that the forces of darkness are stronger than those of light. This is symbolically significant for me because in my dissertation, I wrote that Saturn, in both alchemy and ancient astrology, had a very particular relationship with the Sun, and was sometimes referred to as the Black Sun…Hmmm…
Which reminds me, I MUST get round to writing that blog about Saturn and the Japan birthcharts and Hiroshima.
At any rate, what this all means remains to be seen. Let’s wait until May before we draw any further conclusions. (How ‘scientific’ of me!)

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