I offer a range of services, from content research to copywriting, proofing and editing. If you’re not terribly technical and looking for someone who can assist you with those more technical/fiddly tasks like audio transcriptions, photo editing, website creation and ebook conversion, I can also help – just drop me a line using the contact form to discuss your requirements.

Hire me through a Freelancing Platform

If you are a little shy of trying out unknowns and want the reassurance of working with a reviewed and rated freelancer with a proven track record and the backing of a hiring company, then by all means feel free to hire my service via these websites:

Hire my Services Direct

Please contact me for a quote and to discuss your specific requirements.  I am happy to quote hourly or fixed rates. Generally, speaking though, my costs are very competitive because I have less overheads than bigger companies. Depending on the scale and scope of your needs, I can also assemble a team of carefully chosen sub-contractors such as graphic designers etc for larger projects.

My writing, proofing and research rates vary from project to project and are dependent on a number of factors.

These include:

  • Subject matter – how detailed or technical/specialised it is
  • Type of copy required or the nature of the material that needs proofing e.g. web content, corporate brochure or academic article
  • Medium of publication – online, published or TV work?
  • Publication circulation figures of the medium concerned
  • Additional requirements eg. technical subject matter, research, SEO
  • Frequency of work – is it a one-off, or part of ongoing work, for instance?


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