Nearly a year on since my last post, I have felt compelled to once again comment on the effect that the lunar nodes appear to be having on planet earth and her people.

Since the Chile earthquake of 27 February 2010, there have been several eclipses that have also coincided with small earthquakes, especially here in the UK. According to the BBC, the UK experiences up to 300 minor earthquakes a year but only major ones are reported.

Interestingly, at 23h00 on the 22nd of December 2010, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake rocked the northeast of England, with tremors felt across Cumbria, Lancashire, south-west Scotland, parts of Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Isle of Man.

This just happened to coincide with a LUNAR ECLIPSE, which officially reached perfection at 08h13 GMT on the 22nd of December.

Strangely, the day before the corresponding SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 4th of January 2011, another magnitude 3.6 quake occurred at 21h03 GMT on the 3rd of January in Ripon, North Yorkshire – in a similar vicinity to that of the Cumbria quake…More details can be found at the website of the British Geological Survey:

Although not ever seismic event appears to coincide with soli-lunar phenomenon, it does seem as though there is some sort of relationship at work. If there does turn out to be a link, then it would certainly help explain why ancient civilisations such as the Mesopotamians viewed eclipses with such fear, with steps being taken to protect the king from harm – in some cases, by using a ‘body double’ or substitute to take his place, as it were. (See: Jean Bottéro, Zainab Bahrani, Marc Van De Mieroop, 1995, Mesopotamia: writing, reasoning, and the gods, University of Chicago Press, p.145)

It seems to me worth commenting that since this most recent eclipse, we have had a fair amount of astrological activity involving the lunar nodes that seems to have coincided with mass movements of note, such as the demonstrations in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, all of which appeared to kick off at around about the time that Jupiter formed a t-square with the nodal axis (currently near the cusp of Cancer and Capricorn) as it ingressed from Pisces into Aries. Both came into exact orb of each other around the beginning of February and have since been separating slowly. It will be interesting to see whether something similar occurs when Uranus finally enters Aries around the 12th of March…

Although seemingly unrelated, Jupiter and Uranus actually formed a conjunction in the late degrees of Pisces on the SAME DAY as the SOLAR ECLIPSE in January 2011! These two planets were also within a degree of each other and on the horizon axis of the Cumbria earthquake chart (see above) close to the Descendant.

Of course I should also mention that a stellium of planets in Sagittarius and Capricorn were also surrounding the Sun and North Node (therefore opposing the Moon) at the time. These included: Mercury (24 deg. Sag) Pluto (5 deg Cap) and Mars (11 deg Cap).

On a personal note, perhaps the reason I am so aware of these events is that the nodal axis is currently almost exactly hitting my natal Jupiter at 1 deg Capricorn, whilst transiting Jupiter squares my natal Jupiter from Aries.

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