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A photographic celebration of the Aspinall family and wildlife foundation.

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Written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous Kent-based wild animal park and conservation charity founded by the eccentric but visionary John Aspinall and now being taken into the 21st century by his son, Damian.

On this project, I worked with key members of the foundation, as well as photographer Dave Rolfe to develop the concept, source and create the content, compiling most of the text myself. I also worked very closely with the graphic designer to devise the cover, structure, layout and flow of the book right through to the final product. A true labour of love.

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Published in association with the Urania Trust.

In 2013, I worked closely with the Urania Trust and Astrological Association to produce the second edition of a much-loved astrology reference classic by the late Harold Wigglesworth to mark the 40th anniversary of its original publication.

For those not directly involved in astrology, the book is a compendium of all the horoscopes of England’s major towns and cities, based on their incorporation dates. At the back is an in-depth notes section, filled with interesting facts and figures about the history of many of these places, which also makes for absorbing reading if you are at all interested in local history.

On this project, I wrote the introduction, checked and updated all the chart data, expanded the notes section and added in new entries that had been previously left out due to time restrictions or gaps in the available information. I also designed the cover, laid the whole book out and was responsible for its printing, a large part of the marketing and distribution. I also learnt a lot about e-book conversion, creating (through trial and error and a bit of insider guidance) two different versions for iTunes and Kindle. A real learning curve, but one I really enjoyed!


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